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  S.S. Eagles  2014-2015

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       Solar Cup


Learn about Solar Cup officer positions and commitments involved. Email us with any questions!


Communication is key. Members must ask questions and communicate with officers. Officers must communicate with members and acquire information as necessary.

Become a Leader

Firstly, one must get involved!! Come to as many meetings as possible including Metropolitan events. It is essential for all members and certainly future officers to read the Technical Manual. Do not be afraid to ask questions or discuss the manual with Solar Cup veterans. At the end of every year certain positions will be opened for election. Being a member or officer of Solar Cup is as rewarding as the amount of dedication put into the club.

All positions require a great deal of time, knowledge, dedication, and promptness. Leaders are expected to attend almost every meeting and be able to direct members to complete tasks.

Position Descriptions:

Co-Captains: The presidents that organize and coordinate a large portion of Solar Cup. These two people will work together that all aspects of the project are done, and that the participants of Solar Cup have a safe, fun, well-fed, and district-approved experience. It is suggested that two people take this job as it is a large one. It is vital that candidates are well aware of the boat construction and Metropolitan procedures.

Secretary: The secretary of Solar Cup takes minutes as necessary and handles communication with Triunfo Sanitation District, our sponsor, and ASB when requested. He/She also assists the presidents as necessary in many different tasks. The Secretary has fewer roles than other officers but is expected to be extremely active in the club.

Mechanical Captain: Oversees the construction of the drive train/steering system of the boat. This job is a rewarding one, but requires extensive knowledge. It is one with a singular focus (completing the mechanical aspects of the boat). Captains must make sure Mechanical Reports are completed and submitted to MWD on time. Candidates must be extremely knowledgeable on how to construct the mechanics and electrics of the boat (TECHNICAL MANUAL).

Electrical Captain: Oversees the construction of both our Solar Panels and the wiring of the boat. Captains must make sure Electrical Reports are completed and submitted to MWD on time. This job is also a job with a singular focus, but like the Mechanical Captain, it requires dedication and extensive knowledge (TECHNICAL MANUAL).

PSM / Design Captain: This job is one with several focuses: the creation of the PSM, the exterior design of the boat, and our team t-shirts. This individual is tasked with ensuring that all three of those jobs are finished both efficiently, timely, and professionally (as much as possible).