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   Solar Cup
  S.S. Eagles  2014-2015

  Oak Park High School

       Solar Cup


*Forms in PDF format

It is vital that forms are turned in promptly!! A big thank you to all of our chaperones.

School Trip Form due May 13th. Get all your teachers (except p. 2) to sign it!!


Oak Park High School Field trip form needed for the off-campus camping trip. "Field Trip or Excursion Authorization and Medical Treatment Authorization."


This is the CAMPING TRIP FORM required by MWD. It is not binding you to attend the trip. The dates of the camping trip are May 14-17. 


Solar Cup form for Technical Workshop February 7. Needed to attend the workshop! Turn in by January 29 at Lunch in Senor V's room.


Form required by the Occidental College which will be hosting the February 7 Technical Workshop. It is to ensure that members don't sue the College in the rare event of injury.

Solar Cup Event Liability forms for Boat Building Workshop requested by the Metropolitan Water District (2014 Form Here)
Solar Cup Informative PDF. Give to others (like your parents) to teach them about Solar Cup!
Potential Parent Chaperones.  This is not binding, we would just like to know who could potentially drive students to Solar Cup events. More specific information will come.

Please fill out the Parent contact information form by the camping trip! Here, parents can also choose to receive email notifications. You may also email this information to [email protected]