Oak Park High School
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  S.S. Eagles  2014-2015

  Oak Park High School

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       The Solar Cup program began in 2002, run by the Metropolitan Water District with help from Occidental College/Harvey Mudd. Julie Miller of the MWD ([email protected]) runs the program and has been doing so for the past 10 years. Over 40 schools are involved in the program, which translates to over 800 students. 

        The point of the program is to build a 16 foot long solar powered boat. Each school is sponsored by their local water district. Oak Park is kindly funded by the Triunfo Sanitation District. We are considered a veteran team so we receive two thousand dollars each year for expenses such as solar panels, motors, batteries, epoxy, screws, drive shafts, and other materials. Anyways, each team will use their funding to build to best boat they possibly can. To do this, each member must understand the electrical, mechanical and design aspects of the boat. That is why it is imperative for each member to read the technical manual.


History / Our Team


Oak Park was founded in 2010 by former Oak Park science teacher Mr. Kracht, presidents Kristen Bender and Catherine Shi, and a dedicated team of students. Today, our team is organized so that there are three sub-level groups: electrical, mechanical and Design/PSM. The electrical group works in conjunction with the mechanical group to create a functioning boat. The electrical group focuses on the electrical system with the motor, batteries, solar panels and controllers. The mechanical group works on the drive train and steering system as well as weight and center of gravity calculations. Both of these groups create technical reports to explain their processes and what they are learning. The design/PSM team works on the theme, t-shirts, boat painting, and public service announcement - PSM. (see our YouTube channel)



        All of our hard work pays off in the three day competition in May. The competition takes place at Lake Skinner by Temecula from May 17-19. Oak Park leaves on Thursday for the long drive to the lake. This allows us to set up camp, have the skippers pilot the boat for the first time, and fix anything as necessary. Friday is Qualifications where the boat is tested to be water-worthy. On Saturday the endurance races are run and on Sunday the sprint races and awards are held. This competition is an amazing experience that brings the team together and is tons of fun. We also foster friendships with other teams (we have close ties with Camp David Gonzales). Due to awesome advisors and parent volunteers we have been extremely successful in the two years we have competed. In our rookie year we placed first in our division and in our first veteran year we placed third overall. Second veteran year earned us tenth place. We hope for even greater successes this year! Check out our media page for pictures and video!